Hans – Juergen Geyer, Artist

Hans-Juergen Geyer, Blue Chicken RiderHans-Juergen Geyer, GroenlandfischHans-Juergen Geyer, Cat live

Hans-Juergen Geyer, Frog and FriendsHans-Juergen Geyer, Cat SculptureHans-Juergen Geyer, Manhattan

All images displayed are printed on canvas and are unframed.

.Hans-Juergen Geyer, Artist.Hans-Juergen Geyer studied Graphic-Design in Darmstadt, Germany,  and found a job at a local newspaper as a free-lance caricaturist.  In 1965 he started the  “Design and Advertising” agency.  Since 1980 he is working on his humoristic- style artwork. Hans-Juergen Geyer’s artwork is printed on canvas for the contemporary – deco style look.

Hans-Jürgen passed away in November 2011.  He will be greatly missed.

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