Framing with ARTiPLAQ

We offer these services from ARTiPLAQ for “Framing without a Frame.”

The ARTiPLAQ process has been proven and perfected over a span of 30 years. Made in Maine, using lumber industry by-products and the best adhesive and laminating films available, ARTiPLAQ will protect your prints from the harmful elements of the atmosphere for years to come.

Most any print on any paper can be plaqued. Whatever you decide to plaq however, will change permanently when bonded to the wooden substrate and sealed with our PVC film. These changes are good, but the process cannot be reversed. Original works of art should be archived in some other manner that would facilitate future reproduction.

ARTiPLAQ offers a clean contemporary look for your printed image and it’s also the product of choice in high humidity environments such as kitchens, bathrooms and aboard ship. Unlike glass-faced artwork, our plaqs are safe for shopping centers, hotels, schools and similar locations.

StyleoptionsARTiPLAQ Style Options…

All three styles have a key hole slot routed in the back for easy wall mounting

1. The Plaq™ mount is our standard offering: your print mounted to a solid 3/8 inch thick board, the edge finished with either a standard, heavy or micro bevel with your choice of colors. Edge profiles are shown below.


2. The Float mount™ is similar to the flush mount syle, but the hollow frame fixed to the back is inset a few inches from the edge so when the plaq is hung on the wall the frame is not visible. As with the flush mount, your print is mounted to 1/8 inch masonite, the edge is finished in your choice of colors. The Float mount profile looks like this:


3. The Flush mount™ is a thicker, 7/8 inch profile plaq. Your print is mounted to a 1/8 inch masonite and then a frame is fixed to the back side flush to the edge. The finished flush mount™ is less than half the weight of a standard plaq of similar dimensions. This is the style of choice for larger pieces or for a more substantial appearance. A flush mount edge profile looks like this:


We custom plaq to your specifications.

Edge Color Options:
Black, Gold, Red, Silver, & White.

Custom Sizes:
We custom cut the substrates to accommodate ANY size from 4X6 inches to 4X8 feet.

Image Cropping:
Unless image cropping instructions are included, we will plaq as is. A cropping fee may apply.

Multiple Mounts and Mat Borders:
A fee is added for ‘double mountings’ that is mounting the mat border paper, then mounting the image, for each additional image there is an additonal fee. We provide black or white paper or the customer supplies own paper.

Trade Show Signage:
ARTiPLAQ is a fantastic way to exhibit show signage. There’s no glare and your display is professionally finished. Just ask for our 1/8″ thin hardboard. All you’ll need to add is a few strips of sticky back velcro to mount easily to your display.

Visit Island Art Gallery to see sample pieces or call 508-693-3948 . You can also leave a comment in the comment box for any information/ pricing you may need.