Application to Show Art and Agreement for Artists

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Appointments & Information

If you are a local artist (Martha’s Vineyard or Massachusetts) seeking a gallery showing with us, Island Art Gallery, Vineyard Haven, MA,  please  copy  and complete  the form below to make an appointment , please call 508.693.3948

Attention: Please read Artist Do’s & Don’ts (below). I view consignment work by local/regional artists only, and by appointment only. I do not buy wholesale items or lots.

If you are currently displaying your artwork / photography at Island Art Gallery – you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement. ( even if you have not signed and handed in a form)


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Artist Do’s & Don’t

“Framing for a Lifetime”

Since becoming a gallery owner, I’ve learned what works for me as a sales rep for artists. Please read the list below before requesting an appointment with me for a showing. Assuming my policies and philosophies are acceptable, I’d be happy to hear from you.

  • First and foremost, I’m a frame shop.  Because so much of my income is generated through my frame shop, custom framing remains my top priority. 
  • Shop around. Before making the leap to consignment sales, visit several galleries to see which ones best fit your subject matter, your medium, and your price range. I’ve sold several $600 – $2400 pieces, but never a $10,000 one. Most of what I sell retails around $175,  but often pieces priced in the $300-600 range sell well, too.
  • Make an appointment in advance of your visit. DO NOT walk into a gallery without an appointment and say, “I have some “stuff “ in my car I wanna show you.” DO NOT walk into a gallery without an appointment and ask, “Could you look at my drawings/ paintings/pots and tell me if I’m any good?”. DO NOT call five minutes out and say, “I’m almost there–can I bring in my artwork right now?” NEVER walk into a gallery without an appointment and say, “I need gas money–will you buy this from me for $50?” (I’m sad to say I’m not making any of this up.)

Refer to bullet item # 1, and please remember that the $500 frame job I have in the back is my priority. New artists/artwork and even entire art shows POP UP Galleries (if you have a complete body of work) are encouraged at ISLAND ART GALLERY, but with an appointment that works for both of us.

To discuss an art show of your work, please call 508-693-3948 and ask for Uta Kirchlechner. Shows must be booked in the first quarter of each year in order to have ample time  for you and me to do the advertising, food ordering, flower, music, etc. Art show costs are generally shared by the artist and gallery equally (see below for more information).

And no, I can’t buy your work outright. To sell your work outright, you’ll need to rent a  space in my gallery and be prepared to work. But be advised that there are still expense fees on any sales you make!

  • If you get one, be prepared for your appointment. Copy and print the CONTRACT (below), read it, and bring it with you to the appointment. You should also bring your inventory list (PAGE 2 of the CONTRACT), completed in advance, with your works’ titles and prices, which will be discussed when we review your artwork.  All framed artwork must be in good condition and wired in the back for hanging, all matted artwork sealed in a clearbag.
  • Be professional. Do not display your prints in Saran Wrap and masking tape. Mount and mat them inside clear sleeves (which I can do for you at nicely reduced prices), or have me frame them. I offer all artists a 15% discount on all framing of their own work for retail.  If you’re transporting framed artwork, pottery, jewelry, sculpture or other three-dimensional items, please pack them well–items with dings, dents, or scratches  are not acceptable. 
  • Write an Artist Statement. Customers want to know about you, your background, your training, and the inspiration for your work. If you can help us sell you, your artwork will sell better, I promise! If you like to have Web presentation, we need a disk as well (see contract for fees).
  • Guarantee your work. If a necklace breaks, please fix it. If your artwork slips down inside the frame, please repair it or pay me to do so (unless of course I built the frame, in which case I’ll happily take care of it). If a pot cracks or a sculpture crumbles, please replace it.
  • Rotate your work. Professional (working) artists produce enough new work throughout the year to provide their galleries with new inventory on a regular basis. Especially when showing in several galleries at the same time, you should be able to rotate and freshen your work every 6-12 months in each location. I expect you, the artist, to do this on your own without me reminding you.  Remember that after just a few weeks, artwork becomes stale to the eye of repeat customers and is therefore much less likely to sell.

If you’re not producing enough new work each year to replace each gallery’s inventory at least twice, you may need to ask yourself whether you are a professional artist or a hobbyist right now. Both are great, but galleries prefer to work with professionals.

  • Do a show with your gallery. A show can be on a single theme, it can be a retrospective of your life’s work, it can be a joint show with other artists, or it can be an eclectic collection of your journey and growth as a creator. If you’d like to do a show, be prepared to share expenses, help in displaying/hanging (and removing at the end of the show) your art and on opening night, dress professionally, don’t eat all the appetizers, and thank the gallery owner for taking a chance on you.
  • Be polite. Saying “please” and “thank you” goes a long way toward building a positive artist/gallery relationship. I once had an artist tell me, “You wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for us artists.” Another said, “I’m doing you a favor.” Neither statement is true in my shop–as I’ve said, I sell mainly custom picture frames.

I offer to sell your artwork and host art shows because I love art and want to promote the arts on Martha’s Vineyard. If you would like to work together with me in this endeavor, please let me know!


Uta Kirchlechner, Owner – Island Art Gallery – Kennedy Studios Custom 

Framing for a Lifetime


________________________                           ISLAND ART GALLERY

ARTIST                                                                            GALLERY

Address:  __________________                      PO Box 4657, 66 Main Street

Address: __________________                        Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

Phone    __________________                          Phone :       508-693-3948


Email: ______________________            Email

SSN____________________________        Date:        __________________

1. This agreement (one year)  is binding until  DECEMBER 2021.

2.  This agreement refers to artwork delivered to the Gallery and listed on page 2.

3. The gallery will remit to the artist 45% of the retail price listed on page two within 30 days of sale.

4. The gallery may sell the artwork for any price it may determine as long as the artist receives the net price  listed on page two.

5. The artist is responsible for supplying/rotating  new artwork within the contract time.

6. The artwork remains the property of the artist until sold to the customer.

7. The artist shall retain copyright of all works listed on page two.

8. The gallery may purchase any of the works listed on page two at net price.

9. The artist shall be responsible for delivery of the artwork listed on page two, to the gallery.

10. When the agreement has expired, the artist shall be responsible for pick-up of unsold artwork listed on page two, from the gallery. If not picked up, the art will will be deemed abandoned, go on sale and the commission will be reduced to $-0-.

11. Unsold artwork must be picked up within one week after  contract expiration and/ or verbal agreement between artist and gallery.

12.  Fees: Consulting and setup fees $60/hour, webpage $5.00 each per month, payable in advance.

13.  Web page: 10 pieces supplied on thumb drive including artist bio, and portrait of yourself.

Artist___________________________              Gallery:   Uta Kirchlechner

Date:_______________________                         Date______________________




Number of Pieces delivered to Gallery: ______________________

Artist ___________________________      Gallery:  Uta Kirchlechner



Number of Pieces picked up from the Gallery __________

Artist ___________________________   (signature required when picking up)

Date _____________